At thedatabank, nothing makes us more proud than seeing our clients achieve their goals with help from their Databank. September is Primary Election month for many states and since those elections wrapped up a couple weeks ago, we’ve seen over a dozen celebratory emails arrive in our inboxes.

Three of those emails came from the New York, Wisconsin, and Maryland chapters of the League of Conservation Voters, one of thedatabank’s largest environmental clients. We spoke with representatives from New York and Maryland about which candidates their organization supported and what those candidates’ victories mean for the future of the environment.

Percentage of candidates endorsed by Databank Clients who won primaries:

NY, 100%
MD, 92%
WI, 71%

“Online advocacy was key to the New York League of Conservation Voters’ success on Primary Day. Of its many endorsed candidates, NYLCV selected four for a full campaign effort. Utilizing the Databank’s targeting features, NYLCV was able to tailor email messages to each constituency, to educate them and get them out to vote. NYLCV’s multi-faceted campaign resulted in all four of its candidates winning at the polls.”First was New York League of Conservation Voters who endorsed four candidates. All four candidates won their races, including one who even beat a longtime anti-environment incumbent. We spoke with Dan Hendrick, Communications Director at NYLCV. Here’s what he had to say about the role their Databank played in the campaigning process:

The next chapter we spoke with was Maryland. Jen Brock-Cancellieri, Deputy Director at MD LCV, was proud to announce that 92% of their endorsed candidates were victorious on Election Day. A few races still remain too close to call. When asked about the role their Databank played in the campaign process, this is what Jen had to say:

“The Databank was an essential tool that the Maryland League of Conservation Voters used to win 92% of our Primary Elections Campaigns – winning our top State Senate race by just 116 votes! We used the PowerMail module to merge in legislative districts so our activists received several emails notifying them of their district with a link to who we endorsed in their races. Additionally, our organizers used the Volunteer Module to manage and recruit volunteers for our nightly phone banks where we contacted over 3,000 environmental voters.”

Congratulations also to the Wisconsin chapter who announced 10 of their 14 endorsed candidates were victorious on Election Day, including Tom Nelson for Lieutenant Governor who won in a 4-way primary with 51% of the vote.

Updated November 8th, 2010: The 2010 Election is over and we’ve received word of many victories for our LCV clients.

New York LCV is celebrating Governor-Elect Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Comproller Tom DiNapoli, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s wins!

Vermont LCV is celebrating the win of Governor-Elect Peter Shumlin. Also, 85% of their endorsed Senate candidates and 89% of the endorsed House candidates were victorious.

Maryland LCV reported at 88% win ratio of their endorsed candidates.

Oregon LCV is celebrating the win of Governor-Elect John Kitzhaber and 60% of their endorsed candidates.

Colorado Conservation Voters is celebrating the wins of Governor-Elect John Hickenlooper, State Senator Gail Schwartz and State Representative Max Tyler.

Congrats to these clients (all of our clients) on a job well done this election season!

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