Melissa Imboden

Year-End fundraising blog post round-up

Every year around this time, everyone’s mind turns to their year-end fundraising campaigns. Considering it’s a task you do year in and year out, you might wonder what’s left to learn? But the donor landscape is always evolving and changing, and there is always room for growth and improving your tactics. I’ve compiled some great… Read more

Six mobile email optimization tips for nonprofits

I recently attended a great session hosted by MAP for Nonprofits and presented by Marketing and Mobile Strategist, Curt Prins called “Mobile Email Optimization for Nonprofits”. I love going to sessions like these because the information is not only helpful for my work, but also for sharing with our clients and readers. The most striking… Read more

When was your last national change of address service?

There are many good reasons to keep your supporters’ mailing addresses up to date using the National Change of Address (NCOA) service. Even in our ever-increasingly technological world, paper mailings still play a key role in many organizations’ overall communications plan. Many companies offer NCOA service, and the data comes right from the US Postal… Read more

Creating habits for social good

Creating Habits for Social Good was a session from NTEN’s 2013 NTC, lead by Katya Andresen and Allan Burstyn. The part of the presentation I found most interesting and wanted to share, was the idea of influencing behavioral change. For-profits have been influencing behavior and creating habits in their customers for years. For a perfect… Read more

A beginners guide to choosing CRM software for nonprofits in 6 step

When beginning the process of researching potential Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) systems for your organization, you may be thinking “where do we start?”. Here is a breakdown of the 6 steps to successfully implementing a CRM: 1. Is your Organization Ready? You want to be sure that your organization is ready to take on the… Read more