Online Engagement

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Your nonprofit’s Twitter practices are bumming me out

When it comes to social media, nobody is perfect. Trends change frequently, and for social media marketers it’s impossible to keep up with all those changes without experiencing social media burnout. This can be a particular challenge for nonprofits with limited resources and only one or two people making up the whole marketing department. While… Read more

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Building a Culture of Feedback with Social Media Polls

By measuring social media responses we can identify the nature of an organization’s feedback loops. Many social media outlets have started to provide tools for getting feedback. How can we make the most of these new tools and opportunities? In this post we’ll focus on polls using Google Forms, Facebook, and Twitter. Answer the big… Read more

What your nonprofit should know about the new Canadian anti-SPAM law (CASL)

You have your list perfected, your enewsletter proofread, and your test email looks great. Is your snazzy bulk email ready to be sent to the masses? Maybe not. The new Canadian Anti-SPAM Law (CASL) will start being enforced on July 1st, 2014. If you send any emails to Canadian email addresses, or if any of… Read more

New email provider policies may prevent some of your emails from reaching your supporters

Some email providers have been making big changes in an effort to thwart spammers, and inadvertently, your emails may not be reaching your supporters. Have you heard of DMARC? Email providers, like AOL and Yahoo, are using a new technique called DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) to protect their users from fake, spammy… Read more

Get LinkedIn to your network

If your nonprofit has been ignoring LinkedIn, it’s time to reassess your social media priorities. Some view LinkedIn as a virtual corkboard to post a resume on and be ignored. However, your nonprofit having a LinkedIn page might be more important than you think. A recent study has shown LinkedIn to be the most popular… Read more