Searches + AI

Virtually any field in the Databank can be searched, including custom client-defined fields. Multi-step search modes make it possible to perform very complex queries using a user-friendly search tool. Searches can also be named, saved, and edited. New: Use dBot, thedatabank’s AI assistant to help you build complex queries in seconds.

Contact History

The Databank stores a detailed contact history for each record including the date, type of contact, method of contact, the person who make the contact, and notes. Contact histories can be emailed, filtered, searched, bulk-updated, and exported.


Any set of data can be selected and output in a roster format, which can be viewed on the screen or converted into a downloadable file. Users can select a preformatted roster report or build a roster on the fly. Preformatted communication and fundraising reports with user options are included. Custom reports can be designed to client specifications.

Data Input and Export

  • Self Service Upload Tool – upload personal information data into your Databank or into a temporary database for list-building activities.
  • Full-Service Upload – Electronic files and handling instructions can be uploaded through the database, to be processed by thedatabank. Free estimates are provided and client permission to complete the upload is always obtained.
  • Batch Entry Tool – Enter multiple new records on one page. Control who can enter data, confirm, and post to your Databank.
  • Automatic Address Verification – Address Verification keeps your data standardized and conforms to postal code preferences
  • Duplicate Management – Identify and merge duplicate records on demand. When using bundle data entry, potential duplicates can be identified prior to posting.
  • Exporting Data – All data can be downloaded. Search results can be exported in a variety of formats, including mailing labels, text files, CSV, and formats compatible with mail merge.


PowerMail is a bulk email platform completely integrated with your Databank, allowing you all-in-one communication tracking and eliminating the need for importing and exporting mailing lists to other platforms. Pre-formatted templates are included, or you may design your own emails with a Drag and Drop editor and send personalized messages to any selected list. Includes A/B testing, spam analysis, publish to web, web index, posting to Social Media, test messages, and scheduler. There is no limit to the number of emails you are allowed to send. thedatabank typically experiences a 99.5% or higher deliverability rate and manages both whitelisting and message delivery to major email providers. No need to personally manage unsubscribes or bad emails. These are handled automatically, and everything is recorded in the member’s record. Automatic real-time tracking of open rates, did not open, click-thru, Tell-a-Friend, bounces, bad emails, and unsubscribes are recorded. PowerMail Summary, Active Member, and Recent reports are built-in. Includes an online sign-up form you can customize and a mini form (subscription widget) that matches your website. The Databank also has built-in bulk SMS sending and integration with CallHub for advanced SMS and voice broadcasts.

Databank Fundraising

This is what the Databank was first developed to do. Since it was first deployed in November 1998, Databank Fundraising has been used to raise funds for thousands of organizations across the US. Databank Fundraising includes all of the tools most organizations need to manage individual donations online and offline. A few of the standard fundraising functions are:

  • Robust Fundraising Campaign Structure – This allows you to automatically assign donations to specific campaigns and funds.
  • Online Transaction (Donation) Forms – Easily create secure, online, mobile-friendly, transaction forms for collecting credit card or ACH payments.
  • Pledges and Recurring Transactions
  • Soft Credits
  • Dozens of Builtin Reports
  • Automated Email Acknowledgements and Receipts
  • Mail-merge for Direct Mail Letters

In addition to individual donor fundraising, the following functions can be configured as needed.

  • Grant Management – Tools for managing grant applications and grant reporting.
  • Volunteer Management – Tools for signing up and managing volunteers.
  • Advanced Relationship – Tools for creating various types of relationships between records in the database.
  • Coalitions – This gives the system the ability to partition the database based on affiliations to various organizations within a coalition. For example: a statewide organization can have a master statewide database and each local affiliate can have access to just their members with the statewide list. Each local affiliate can use the system to manage its fundraising activities and communications with its members.
  • Member Management – This system can also be used to manage paid memberships.

Databank Advocacy

In 1999, thedatabank built one of the first online advocacy systems in the country for a coalition of 45 environmental organizations in Minnesota.

Advocacy clients use the system to help affect public policy by providing their supporters with easy ways to send messages to their elected representatives or other designated targets.

In 2013, the Databank began a partnership with the SoftEdge ( to integrate their state-of-the-art advocacy system providing Databank clients with the best advocacy tools in the market.

Some Databank functions were created for doing advocacy including:

  • Automated address geocoding including latitude and longitude.
  • Automated appending of political districts from federal down to local county and city levels.
  • Automated appending of various census block data.

Form Builder

The Databank’s secure online forms allow the Client to collect information directly from their constituents. Data collected from these forms flow automatically into your Databank for all-in-one data management. BCC emails alert you of form activity. Website integration and address standardization included. The included Form Builder Tool allows the Client to create and edit forms as needed.

Meetings & Events

Publish meetings and events to your website, where visitors can search by date, event type, zip code, and more. Participants sign up online and are automatically added to your Databank. Manage private and public events, access event rosters, email the participants, record volunteer hours, and track participation history for each member within your Databank.

Data Services

thedatabank offers a variety of data services that can be used to clean up various aspects of member information. Data Services are offered at an additional charge, and free estimates are provided prior to completing an order. Below are a few of these available services.

  • Email Append & Verification – Appends consumer email address to matched records as sends a permission request, opt-out email to all matched email addresses. You receive back all matched, verified, non-opt-out email addresses. Typical match rates are 20-30%.
  • Reverse Email Append – Appends consumer mailing address to all matched records. You receive back all matched, verified mailing addresses. Typical match rates are 20-30%.
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) – Checks your constituents’ existing address against the US Postal Service database of all change-of-address requests in the preceding 48 months. Updated fields include new address, change of address date, and deliverability code.

The Databank’s features give you everything you need to build and grow long-term constituent engagement.

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