Like many nonprofits, the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH) wanted to consolidate their scattered records of members and donors. As an adolescent sexual health advocacy group with an organizational annual budget of under a million dollars, they needed a system that would maximize their technology budget, minimize their workload, and produce positive results.

Soo Ji Min, Executive Director of ICAH was excited to find The Databank, nonprofit software. Soo Ji learned that The Databank would store all of their contacts in one place, making it easy to see each person’s involvement with the organization. It also could integrate with their website to allow donations, training and events, and other signups to flow seamlessly into their Databank.

The Databank demonstrated user-friendliness and the potential for increased operational efficiency when it came to managing their supporters. The affordable price for the comprehensive system was also attractive.

“We really liked that thedatabank was a one-stop shop for everything we needed, while still giving us room to grow.” said Soo Ji.

ICAH launched their Databank in the fall of 2008, and since then, have been steadily building their support base. The highlight of success can be found in their numbers. Before October 1, 2008, ICAH had 3,220 members in their database with 1,088 of them subscribed to their action network. As of July 31, 2009, they now have 5,762 total members, including 2,669 email subscribers. Best of all, they are more connected to their constituents than ever before.

According to Soo Ji, “As an organization that is focused on advocacy, we treat each contact in our Databank as a potential advocate for our cause. Anytime someone makes a donation or signs up for an event on our website, that person gets added to our Databank, allowing us to easily keep in touch with them.”

Their supporters are also doing a great job spreading the word. In the past year, they have seen dozens of signups through the Tell-a-Friend feature of the in their email action alerts. This is just one of the many ways they have continued to build their support base.

ICAH’s future plans for their Databank include adding the voter history functionality in order to learn more about their members and create social change on adolescent sexual health.

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