On Friday I co-presented a session called Stop Keeping Secrets from Your Database: Eliminating Rogue Databases, at the MCN Technology & Communication Conference. Many thanks to my co-presenter Joel Barker for technical heavy lifting, pulling the visuals together, and altogether being a great person to work with.

My favorite part of the presentation was the little video we slipped in there, based on a popular meme you’ve been seeing all over Youtube, Stuff Rogue Database Users Say.

Here are links to the Prezi Stop Keeping Secrets from your Database, and the handout with resources and further reading.

I appreciated the generosity of those in the audience with a strong technical background who shared tips and insights, as well as those who confessed their frustrations and challenges.

What stood out to me in researching and preparing, and then facilitating discussion, was how complex the issue of rogue databases can be. There is no magic pixie dust that makes them go away. For techies, the first instinct might be to alter or replace your database or write clever routines and scripts. But I think we all recognized that you can’t rely solely on a technical solution, to what is often a human problem. Take the time to include stakeholders, address their data needs as well as their psychological needs, and build a culture of data. As Joel summarized it, “Be open to new ideas and collaborate with colleagues to find solutions to your organization’s data needs.

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