Kate Flick, an employee of thedatabank, gbc for 18 years, has transitioned to another role outside of the organization.

We are so excited for the new adventures that lay ahead for Kate, and we will miss her presence greatly here. Many of us who have worked with Kate wanted to share what a great impact she left on us, and how much she will be missed:

“This is not a farewell or goodbye, but a thank you to my dear friend and founding Databanker, Kate Flick.

One of my great joys at thedatabank is being able to work with and befriend some truly amazing people. This joy started at our very beginning in 1998, when thedatabank consisted of me, Mark and Kate. Since that beginning, Kate provided a calm and reassuring presence that helped us through many ups, downs and turns. Through it all I always knew that Kate was there as a trusted colleague, and more importantly, a friend. While she is no longer a co-worker, she will always be a Databanker and a dear friend. For myself, Mark, and the rest of thedatabank team that had the great pleasure of working with you, thank you Kate. We love you.” – Chris Hanson, CEO

“I worked with Kate for 10 years at TDB and she was the warmest, kindest person to be around. She was always there to help with anything I needed and took an interest in my personal/family life as well. I am proud to call her a friend.” Melissa Imboden

“I will miss Kate’s professional, comforting, caring way she worked with our clients and all of the employees here at thedatabank. Kate was always an inspiration to me professionally and personally. Kate – I miss you here!” Much Love, Bridget Kelly

“Kate always had a ready smile, she often whistled or hummed while she worked.” Sean Gardner

“INFPs have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. What I truly respected and admired about Kate was how fearless she could be in conversation. We could go completely off the rails into La-La Land together about whatever idea at the drop of a meme.” William Naylor

“I truly miss having Kate around the office. Not only was she a wonderful, warm, and bright personality to have in the office, but she was an incredible source to go to for advice. Whether with work issues or personal problems, Kate was always there with an open ear and caring heart. She never gave straight out advice, but instead guided me into finding my own answers. I am truly blessed to be able to call Kate my friend.” Amanda Bingham

“In the short time that I had the pleasure of working with Kate, I can honestly say she is one of the kindest and most compassionate people I have known. There was never a dull moment with Kate and she always had a way of bringing out the best in others. Kate, you will truly be missed!” – Hayley Drake

Best of luck in your new role, Kate!