Every year around this time, everyone’s mind turns to their year-end fundraising campaigns. Considering it’s a task you do year in and year out, you might wonder what’s left to learn? But the donor landscape is always evolving and changing, and there is always room for growth and improving your tactics.

I’ve compiled some great blog posts from industry experts on the top things you should consider about your year-end campaign as you move into the final quarter of 2013.

  • Three Ways to Jumpstart Year-End Giving by Planning Your Fall Fundraising Now – The Fundraising Coach: Mark A. Pitman’s blog post gives advice on avoiding the year-end crunch by laying out a time-table for keeping on top of your year-end campaign tasks.
  • My Top 10 Year-End Fundraising Strategies – Fired up Fundraising: Gail Perry shares 10 helpful tips for making the most of your year-end campaign, including having a clear call to action, varying the media you use to ask, and having a good follow up strategy.
  • Three Ways to Lay the Foundation for Year-End Fundraising Success – Philanthropy for All: Vanessa Chase talks about cultivating a relationship with your “December-only” donors that makes them feel important to your organization and encourages them to donate more each year.
  • 10 Tips for Fundraising Success – Nonprofit Fundraising Journal: Hugo Olliphant shares an infographic of the top 10 fundraising trends of 2013, with explanations and lessons learned from each.

What new tactics are you planning to implement for your organization’s year end campaign?